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The Art of Jewelry

What inspires you? What is your creative process? This is the most common question people ask most artists and designers. For me is all about feeling. There is no right or wrong in art. One may freely explore which ideas are worth pursuing. If an idea is not rooted in real laws of the heart, mind or the physical properties of the materials, it falls apart, and the process starts over. There is a huge amount of room for trial and error, and failure. This is the artistic thinking process. Usually solitude is key to my creativity, I need no interruptions, unwanted sounds or shared spaces. I approach my jewelry design work in a very similar way I would cooking a recipe or starting a new painting. I get all my ingredients together, in my case stones, crystals, chain or wire and start combining them in a way that feels balanced and just right. I doesn't always work but once in a while all stars align and something beautiful comes to life. There is no better feeling.

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